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From his fourth-floor apartment in Asia's bustling business hub of Singapore, Aziz Zainuddin has made both friends and family rich.

A seasoned trader for over 5 years, the information he's passed down to others has been instrumental in creating over hundreds of thousands of dollars to their wealth.

The typical returns of his own trades range from 225.4% – 1,073%.

And for the first time ever, he's willing to reveal to you the exact ‘blueprint' he used to get these kinds of results.

It's the same exact ‘blueprint' that has allowed him to:

  • Profit from the highest gain he has ever received, a 1,073% return on his investment one fateful day on May 14, 2017
  • Bring his friends and family into the world of potentially life-changing returns
  • Support technology that can revolutionize our world and breakdown some of the world's most entrenched and undemocratic financial ‘keystone' institutions… while making a very healthy profit

The depth of his understanding, and the value he's given back to the financial and cryptocurrency community also runs like a true top-achiever's resume:

  • Provides expert commentary and opinion for Forbes Middle East on the most exciting financial subject of the past decade—cryptocurrencies and the disruptive technology that lies behind them, the blockchain
  • Featured columnist for Master the Crypto
  • Featured op-ed for Futurism
  • Mentor of Master the Crypto's closed Facebook group, where he provides advice to his private members
  • Regularly achieves gains around 8.75x his initial investment (that's an 875% return)
  • Saved his students from easy to make mistakes, ‘hidden' transaction costs, and helped them avoid massive losses
  • Helps his students take advantage of rising cryptocurrency prices, explains the benefits of early adoption, and provides peace of mind while investing in this ‘new' economy
  • Successfully predicted the ‘fracture' of the oldest cryptocurrency coin (and showed his students how to stay safe throughout the ‘fracture' and profit after the dust settled)

R. Abdul-Khalique —new cryptocurrency trader from the USA

“Aziz is a guy who has done his homework on cryptocurrencies and knows his stuff. He's not pushing hype when he talks about coins. His explanation of fundamental analysis as it related to coins makes calming sense of the crazy and volatile world of cryptocurrencies. His facebook group has been a focused way for me to learn more about cryptocurrencies without feeling overwhelmed. His experience in cryptocurrency trading is an extension of his many years of overall trading experience so when I ask about coin recommendations, I feel confident that I'm getting reliable information.”

James Steadman—brand new cryptocurrency trader from Australia

“Having Aziz explain—and even show me under a minute—how to make sense of those crazy financial charts was mindblowing. I had an actual ‘aha!' moment and realized I could probably do this myself.

I could actually look at a crypto coin (or stock too, I guess, as it's based on the same theory) and make an educated, rational move on what to do… what to invest in… which is where I was completely stuck before.

I didn't really have any clue on how to start, and now I do!

Thank you Aziz, seriously!”