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Moe Darwich—new cryptocurrency trader from the USA

“The information that Aziz and other members of the cryptocurrency group have helped me understand crypto on a whole new level. The knowledge you and the team are spreading is impeccable. As someone who is eager to know more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, I am very happy to receive your help. Thank you.”

Learn The Basics Of Cryptocurrencies From Seasoned Crypto Trader Aziz Zainuddin—For FREE!

In this no cost, 3-part video course, you’ll learn from Forbes Middle East expert crypto commentator and co-owner of cryptocurrency education website Master The Crypto, Aziz Zainuddin.

In this quick and easy to understand introduction to the basics of cryptocurrencies, Aziz will go through the basics, so that:

  • You’ll know what cryptocurrencies are (and why they’re so revolutionary)
  • You’ll discover why cryptocurrencies are so lucrative right now (and why the technology they’re built on will make sure they stay relevant)
  • You’ll finally know whether investing in cryptocurrencies is something you’re interested in
  • You’ll understand how expert traders price cryptocurrencies (and how you can use these same methods to make confident decisions)

So, here’s the course overview:

In Video 1, you’ll learn:
  • What cryptocurrencies are plus an overview of the cryptocurrency world (including Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world) [this is around the 2 minute mark]
  • Why you have a much higher chance for profit if you’re investing now —rather than later, when more people are interested [2 minutes and 44 seconds in you’ll find out]
  • Why only 13 out of 100 coins made a loss —and why they’ve had an average increase of 357% [great example of how lucrative this industry is at 3:10]
  • What cryptocurrencies are plus an overview of the cryptocurrency world (including Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world) [this is around the 2 minute mark]
In Video 2, you’ll learn:
  • The same technique top Wall Street Firms use to ‘cover their bases’ in any investment (and how to apply it to any cryptocurrency—while blocking out the gossip and hype online) [we start the video off with this big insight, 46 seconds in]
  • What ‘whitepapers’ are, and how to read them so you can understand the true potential of any cryptocurrency you come across [5:56 minutes into this video you’ll find this out]
  • How you can use this simple, free communication app as a ‘direct-line’ to a cryptocurrency’s development team —and how to use this to see a ‘roadmap of a cryptocurrency and its future [good trick to know found at 9:29]
  • Learn the 3 websites that can give you notice hours—or even days—before major movements happen (and how to use this time advantage as a 'heads up' to decide whether to buy or sell any cryptocurrency for your own personal gain) [skip to 12:34 to get the info]
In Video 3, you’ll learn:
  • Why one specific type of analysis is my favorite way to invest [found in Video 1 around 40 seconds in] (and how I got started using this method to invest in cryptocurrencies)
  • Why this specific analysis method has half the investing world clueless—and how you can use it alongside other analysis methods for a 'complete overview' on any cryptocurrency for your own personal benefit
  • How to use human psychology for your own benefit and potentially for massive profits [6 minutes and 46 seconds through Video 1 and this secret will be revealed to you] (and how 'mind-reading' the mass market puts you at an unfair advantage over 'normal' investors)
  • Why 'KISS' still reigns supreme— and how this is perfect for 'lazy' analysts and investors looking to stay up to date with the market
  • Why big-shot Wall Street investors have you fooled [you'll see how they did this at 9:54 in Video 1] (and how they've got you thinking that trading is more complicated than it really is once you know the fundamentals behind it)
  • Learn how to read financial charts— yes the kind you see on TV, movies, and the newspaper—and why it's actually simple to understand once you've been shown [all this, and more, found at 10:41 in Video 1]
Ahmad Siraaj Muniir
new cryptocurrency trader from Singapore
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Syakir Hashim
new cryptocurrency trader from Singapore
"Aziz is a great resource when it comes to cryptocurrency investments. He understands very well the intricacies of cryptocurrency and all aspects of investing in cryptos. Few people in the space have ability to understand and teach. Aziz is one of the rare ones who can do both extremely well."
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